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 Bäckereieinrichtung 30.08.2004 (09:36 Uhr) Linnéa Andersson
Dear Sirs,

My German is not good enough, so please excuse me for writing in

I found your website when looking for "professional material"
(Bäckereieinrichtungsmaterial/machine ?) for an organic bakery to be
installed in the south of France. I have been told prices are more
interesting in Germany, and also there is no VAT when buying abroad.

Of course I noticed that you don't sell such machines, but I wonder if
you could please inform me if you know of such a company in Germany
which I could contact directly. We are also interested in second hand

The individual items we are looking for are : oven, scales, kneading
machine... and a lot more, but I only know the words in French... But I
suppose a professional wholesaler would have them all.

Excuse me for bothering you and thanks in advance for your help.

Linnéa Andersson
 Re: Bäckereieinrichtung 30.08.2004 (09:39 Uhr)
Vielleicht da mal nachsehen ?

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